So, the bad guy still owes you your money!

Your best efforts have worked in some cases, but not others. The nice chat hasn’t worked this time. It’s time to escalate matters. This is when your own internal recovery process should kick in. When you have waited enough time after making one telephone call to the bad buy and still have no resolution, send them a letter giving them 7 days to pay you or – you guessed it – you will have to Get Weinberg! Keep the deadline tight, stay on it and monitor your bank account daily – something that you should be doing anyway. Just remember no one cares more about you money than you – closely followed by, you guessed it, WEINBERG! The favorite part of my role is paying to my clients their hard earned

The bad guy still owes you your money!

You have stopped the bleeding (what in legalese is known as ‘mitigating your exposure’). So, now what? It’s always a good idea to play nice – at the start. That means the day following the expiry of your outstanding invoice – when you should have received your money – you make a friendly telephone call to the bad guy. The bad guy will either answer your telephone call or they won’t. If they do, you politely ask them how they are doing and remind them of your outstanding invoice. It is important to try and get them to commit to a deadline for payment. Try your best to make that happen. If they don’t answer your telephone call, leave a polite message and ask that they return your telephone ca

They owe me money! I need my money!

These are familiar sighs that, as solicitor specializing in debt prevention and recovery for nearly 15 years Australia-wide, I have heard all too well and continue to hear with increasing frequency. Whoever and wherever you are, the feelings are the same. So is the process to quickly get your money. This blog post will give you some clarity to help you to get your money now. Future posts will discuss how to reduce your risks in the future. Look at this post like a hard hitting anti-biotic, and future posts like preventative medicine. Right now, as a first step, you have to stop extending credit. The bad guy owes you money. So – stop letting him owe you more money. That means when he wants mo

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