Foresee the future – so that you win now

Most people are now reflecting, with hindsight, on the 2019 year that was. But the successful person is now looking at the forthcoming year of 2020 with foresight (pun intended). Indeed, it has been said that a wise person is one who foresees the future – and plans for it now. When Australia was immersed in Folau-fever, I published on 1 August 2019 on social media that – Weinberg prediction for Israel Folau ("Folau") v Rugby Australia ("RA") - RA says, that f%#! Folau has access to an endless stream of money and just wants to rub our faces in it, we had better settle but still try to keep our egos on check! Case Result - settled with non-disclosure and non-disparagement agreement within 6 mo

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