How to not lose your money during #Corona (#Corona Advice 2)

“It’s sad because it’s true”. In your ideal world, your customers would treat you with respect, tell you the truth and - most importantly - pay you! T.E.A.M. would also mean “Together Everyone Achieves More”. We should all cooperate. We should all help each other. But - we do not live in an ideal world. As certain as night follows day, many of your customers will try to not pay you. Not now. Not ever. So, how do you be a good person and help others, but not be exploited? Here are some quick tips to get you paid and maintain your conscience - First, determine whether your generosity to your customer will harm you and yours. For example, how can you be sure to receive deferred payment – and if

How to get paid during #Corona

The hills are alive with the sound of … Corona and public panic. With hoarders denuding supermarket shelves of toilet paper and other bomb-shelter necessities – how can you ensure that you will be paid despite this apocalyptic mindset? Here’s the situation – John owes you money. Your first invoice is just past due, and John wants more of your goods or services. What do you do? This is a common story and plays out more often during times of economic uncertainty. You want to be paid what you are owed. You also want more money. Further, in hoping for more money you don’t want that to jeopardize being paid what you are already owed. What do you do? Here are some universal rules to help you get p

Divide and conquer your foes

What problems do you need fixed? Are these "problems" another word for "people"? As difficult people abound, I frequently say that "the world is full of (insert your expletive)." You can solve many such problems by acknowledging them and then, among other things, applying the well-worn battle aphorism of "divide and conquer". In a recent mediation with my client "John", I did just that. We were opposed by 3 lawyers and their client. Rather than adopting their narrative, I asked them probing questions. Doing so revealed their collective and individual weaknesses. Their attempts to justify their respective positions only exacerbated their differences - which I could and did exploit. The resul

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