So, the bad guy still owes you your money!

Your best efforts have worked in some cases, but not others.

The nice chat hasn’t worked this time. It’s time to escalate matters.

This is when your own internal recovery process should kick in.

When you have waited enough time after making one telephone call to the bad buy and still have no resolution, send them a letter giving them 7 days to pay you or – you guessed it – you will have to Get Weinberg!

Keep the deadline tight, stay on it and monitor your bank account daily – something that you should be doing anyway. Just remember no one cares more about you money than you – closely followed by, you guessed it, WEINBERG!

The favorite part of my role is paying to my clients their hard earned money received after the battering that I give their ‘too hard to handle bag guys’. In fact, as my clients could tell you, I love it so much I even do it on the weekend and public holidays, and telephone them on the nest business day just to tell them ‘SHOW ME THE MONEY’ ala Tom Cruise in Jerry McGuire.

Who says you can’t love your job? Well, you can when it’s your passion!

Just remember - ‘Get the lawyer who revels in the fight to protect you, and Get Weinberg!’

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