The bad guy still owes you your money!

You have stopped the bleeding (what in legalese is known as ‘mitigating your exposure’).

So, now what?

It’s always a good idea to play nice – at the start. That means the day following the expiry of your outstanding invoice – when you should have received your money – you make a friendly telephone call to the bad guy.

The bad guy will either answer your telephone call or they won’t. If they do, you politely ask them how they are doing and remind them of your outstanding invoice. It is important to try and get them to commit to a deadline for payment. Try your best to make that happen. If they don’t answer your telephone call, leave a polite message and ask that they return your telephone call as a priority.

In my experience, when someone owes you money, they know why you are calling them. Further, you also want to give them a very short period of time in which to respond to your telephone call – say 1 business day. Then, if they respond, that’s great. Have your conversation about how they are doing, remind them of your outstanding invoice and try and get them to commit to a deadline for payment.

If they don’t respond, yes, they could be busy – but they could also be ignoring you. How long do you want to leave messages for? Well, that’s a bit like how long you want your headache to last – it’s a personal decision.

How do you get rid of your headache? ‘Get the lawyer who revels in the fight to protect you, and Get Weinberg!’

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