They owe me money! I need my money!

These are familiar sighs that, as solicitor specializing in debt prevention and recovery for nearly 15 years Australia-wide, I have heard all too well and continue to hear with increasing frequency.

Whoever and wherever you are, the feelings are the same. So is the process to quickly get your money.

This blog post will give you some clarity to help you to get your money now. Future posts will discuss how to reduce your risks in the future. Look at this post like a hard hitting anti-biotic, and future posts like preventative medicine.

Right now, as a first step, you have to stop extending credit. The bad guy owes you money. So – stop letting him owe you more money. That means when he wants more of your goods, or more of your time, don’t give it to him! Sounds simple, right? Well, in theory yes, it is, but, when your emotions get involved – as they almost always will, and your blood starts rushing, you just want your money and will often try illogical measures to get it. That means, you are more likely than not willing to extend further credit to the bad guy – who already owes you money – in response to their promises that this will get them to pay you what they owe – and then some. Nine times out of ten, it won’t! Just like in gambling, cut your losses, and shift to recovery mode.

For those of you familiar with my You Tube clips, this is where the following words should be ringing in your ears – ‘Don’t get mad, just get the lawyer who revels in the fight to protect you, and Get Weinberg!’

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