Courting the Dollar – The Weinberg Way!

You still don’t have your money.

Don’t wring your hands in despair. Just ask ‘What would Weinberg do?’

Sue them! That means draft, file and serve court proceedings.

What happens at Court will unfold in one of two ways.

Often, based upon a complex consideration of a range of factors, Weinberg can convince your debtor to not defend themselves in Court. Then, at the earliest possible time (ranging from 10 to 28 days after your debtor is served with court proceedings, depending on which Court in Australia we sue your debtor in), we can make them agree to your terms.

Sometimes, the debtor puts up a fight. But, more often than not, they bend to the ultimate will of Weinberg – where they will often be forced to pay you on your terms. It is a rare case when they and you will see the inside of a courtroom in a final showdown. But, when they do, the fight is on - and there is no fighter with the passion of Weinberg.

To discuss in more detail how to recover your money when Court is the only option, make the call to Get Weinberg!

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