Make 2018 the Year of Recovering Your Money

As the sands of Summer depart your toes, the regular bad debt headaches return – courtesy of all the usual suspects.

Their excuses vary, but the message remains – you haven’t beaten me enough to make me pay you.

Some recent entertaining excuses that I have heard include –

  • my spouse is in jail, so I cannot pay you now (really meaning ever);

  • I get anxiety attacks when you call me (but they were OK when they lied to my client and, in any event, the Court will not decide on their anxiety, but rather their indebtedness); and

  • I do not recognize the Courts of Australia to determine this dispute (yes, people who are not terrorists also use that excuse).

What do these crooks all share?

  • they have had the misfortune to encounter someone with far superior specialist recovery knowledge, skill and experience;

  • they are now cornered (literally, Weinberged); and

  • the cash register is about to ring!

A business tip for successful 2018? Play to your strengths, don’t waste time and get the expert on your team - GET WEINBERG ®!

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