Protect yourself against the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing in 2019 and beyond

Wolves should remain in the forest. But – alas – a ‘human variety of wolf’ roams free. This wolf preys on anyone whom it perceives to be vulnerable. It does so for a variety of reasons including power, prestige, money or, even worse, a perverse sense of selfish enjoyment. Whether it is born, made, or a combination of both is debatable. But what is certain is that it has an even more dangerous ‘cousin’ – the wolf in sheep’s clothing, let’s call it the “pariah”.

As its name suggests, the pariah pretends to be righteous being purer than the driven snow and weak to rally others to its cause. But, do not be deceived – the pariah remains the worst wolf of all.

Throughout some 20 years as a litigation lawyer, I have dealt with many pariahs. In a recent case before an interstate Court, the pariah claimed that the expensive item that he bought from my client had a litany of problems. As a result, the pariah argued, my client should refund the purchase price plus ‘additional compensation for his pain and suffering’.

As in every case, I sought to understand this pariah. This pariah focused on his rights rather than his responsibilities. Accordingly, he presented himself as the righteous victim.

Whilst the pariah displayed false humility, I knew that his well-hidden ego wanted to explode. So, I helped him remove his sheep-mask and reveal his true nature as a deceptive wolf. He promptly admitted that the item in dispute was defect-free, that he sued my client because he changed his mind due to ‘buyer regret’ about the purchase and wanted some quick money. He saw my client as a convenient cash-cow.

Alas, it was not to be, and he had to pay for his own vacation, as well as some of my client’s own celebrations - including the congratulatory bottle of wine for the trophy cabinet of yours truly.

[This blog article is dedicated to my friend, Vadim (Zev) Chelom, who recently passed away. He inspired me in so many ways, including the creation and development of my website blog. To donate to a communal cause established for his surviving wife and six children, just click here . Thank you]

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