Quick tip to resolve your conflict

We all want to win. The greatest success, to paraphrase Sun Tzu from 'The Art of War', is to win without a fight.

Recently I acted in a dispute between two business partners. As usually happens, one was wealthier and more aggressive than the other. But, the other party was a very experienced, and strategic, businessman. Whilst often the party with the deepest pockets (meaning money) wins, in this situation the apparent underdog, being my client, emerged victorious. We won, without much of a fight, by forcing a settlement on favourable terms to us. To do this, we used clear-headed strategic thinking with laser-focus on what success meant for us. The alternative would have been costly litigation that would have favoured our wealthier and more aggressive opponent.

One of many key lessons emerging from this experience is that people must learn how to properly manage their business relationships. If that fails, they should seamlessly be able to deal with the consequent conflict. Why? Because the best fight is the one that is avoided – but still achieves all your goals.

The earlier that one learns and then applies these skills, the more successful and, ultimately happier, they will be.

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