Divide and conquer your foes

What problems do you need fixed? Are these "problems" another word for "people"?

As difficult people abound, I frequently say that "the world is full of (insert your expletive)."

You can solve many such problems by acknowledging them and then, among other things, applying the well-worn battle aphorism of "divide and conquer".

In a recent mediation with my client "John", I did just that. We were opposed by 3 lawyers and their client. Rather than adopting their narrative, I asked them probing questions. Doing so revealed their collective and individual weaknesses. Their attempts to justify their respective positions only exacerbated their differences - which I could and did exploit. The result? My client avoided a major loss and made so much money that he insisted that I use this message as the basis of this blog.

How did I do it? Divide and conquer... we then watched the money roll in and not out.

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