So, you need to break that contract … or do you?

The demands are onerous and painful. John (the other party) is harassing you. You have neither the money, time, nor desire to satisfy John’s demands. What should you do?

As the old saying does, “the devil is in the detail”.

Here are some quick tips:

1. Find the contract

Hopefully the contract is a single document, although often it is not – so you must be careful.

2. Read the contract

Make sure that you understand the contract, and do not rush – remembering the adage that "only fools rush in”

3. Consider your available options

Whilst not a substitute for expert legal advice, start by discussing your understanding with an experienced and intelligent mentor or friend. They should have your best interests at heart. This is far better than independently “shooting from the hip” (another truism).

Breaking a contract can attract significant penalties, so you need to be well advised when considering your position.

* Disclaimer: This blog (and the content of the website is general in nature only, and is not a substitute for expert legal advice tailored to your unique circumstances .

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