It’s Corona-season, so John won’t pay you. Or will he?

You are owed money. Your frustration is real. The other party (let’s call him John) has a new tactic. It’s called the Corona excuse. The virus, not the beer.

John recently tried to avoid paying my client with the excuse that “It’s the Coronavirus. There’s no money but plenty of struggle”.

Whilst John may be telling the truth, many do not. How do you know? Even if you know, do you care? John’s money (or lack thereof) is John’s problem – and if he does not pay you, it will become your problem.

Here are some quick tips to help you get your money from John (Corona or not) -

1. Obtain sufficient (financial) evidence to satisfy you that John is telling you the truth.

2. Based on that evidence, extract as much of John’s money as possible.

3. Do not provide further assistance (goods or services) to John until he has paid you the entirety of his debt to you.

4. Have John commit to writing his promise, with a payment plan, to pay you.

5. Follow through against John for any non-compliance.

Remember that with forward planning and professional follow-through, you can emerge from Corona even more successful when it departs - as it inevitably will.

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