How can you get paid when all the Courts are closed …?

The short answer is – you can, and should, still get paid. Governments will always provide opportunities. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has seen many opportunities created for all the wrong people. Like all shades of crook who may (wrongly) feel empowered to steal from you.

But - all is not lost.

Firstly, Courts are not closed. Whilst some have physical limitations, electronically their service is improving daily. This will certainly cause most (if not all) physical appearances by lawyers to be replaced by the electronic variety. This will happen even after Covid-19 is but a global bad memory.

Secondly, your right to recover your money has not changed.

Thirdly, whilst some methods to get paid may be more challenging, they still exist and many others remain unchanged.

Just like with a cat, you still have many ways to (metaphorically speaking) skin your bad debtors.

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