Your single strategy to succeed, learned from the Victorian “State of Disaster”

What motivates your customers to choose you – or your competition?


Your trusted advisers will pave the path to your success.

Some advisers, unfortunately, do not deserve your trust.

This is what occurred with Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ decision to have the hotel quarantine enforced by paid security companies rather than the Australian Defence Force (“ADF”).

Why was that decision doomed to failure?

Firstly, the risk of poor performance is higher with paid security companies than with the ADF.

Secondly and more importantly for the Andrews’ Government, by engaging paid security companies the Victorian Government – and its Premier – exposed themselves to ridicule in the event of failure.

Why was this such a bad decision on a personal level for the Victorian Premier and Government?

Any failure by the ADF would reflect on Canberra, but when the problems arose from private companies engaged by the Victorian Premier and his Government – the address is Spring Street, Melbourne.

The first objective of your trusted adviser is to minimize your risk. The second objective is to, just in case, have an alternative address for any risk that materialises.

Have advisers who justify your trust. Be a winner.

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