Convert Your Claims into Christmas Cash

If not now, when? Next year, rings the refrain.

When your local Jewish lawyer says ‘tis the Season – Christmas really is coming.

Meaning many things to many people, it also means to call in your cash now – as otherwise you likely won’t be paid for a while (if at all)!

Just like you – your debtors are holding fast to your money.

However, here are some quick tips to convert your claims into cash -

1. Review all your accounts. Can you issue invoices? If so, do so - now.

Waiting until next year means that you’ll get paid, if at all … next year.

2. Are any of your invoices outstanding? If so, chase them up - now.

Your debtors want to avoid paying you this year (or at all) - as much as you want your money.

3. Have your efforts to claim your cash succeeded? If not, draw a line in the sand and take further action – now.

If it can be done now, and it can be done now, do it – you guessed it, now.

No-one cares about your money as much as you. That is, except for the person who continues to keep it from you.

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