Examples of how reciprocity can make you money

To reap your rewards through giving, you must answer our five key questions.

Those questions concern the beneficiary of your desired giving.

Who is your most obvious beneficiary? Your major customer!

Now, let's answer those questions!

1. Who is your beneficiary? Your major customer. 2. What key need of your beneficiary can you satisfy? First, you must know your customer so that you can ascertain their key need. Second, you must know your own abilities to satisfy that need. Third, you should focus on what "value" you provide to your customer. And "value" does not necessarily mean "the lowest price amongst your competitors". 3. How difficult is it for your beneficiary to resolve that key need themselves? You should focus on the specialized competence of your customer. Your customer will likely resolve their "small" problems, and then (often after trying and then failing - sometimes multiple times) seek your assistance to solve their big problems. 4. How easy is it for you to resolve that key need? Hopefully "very". This depends on how skilled you are at providing your specialized good or service. 5. How has your beneficiary responded to your assistance - from the time of conception through to resolution? Proceed slowly and pay close attention. Is your customer interested? Have they responded at all? Have they offered you something (reciprocity) in return? The better their response, the more that you should continue. And the converse applies also. The more detailed your above answers, the more that you can deepen your relationship with your main customer. The deeper that relationship, the greater the goldmine of benefits - for both of you. You should both win. All through (strategic) giving.

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