Get Your Cash from Last Year’s Debtors

Last year you heard the "Corona-excuse" with nauseating frequency. Often this was from your debtors, who then spent your money on their vacation.

Bounce back to the black in 2021 with these quick tips -

1. Update your Debtors Ledger.

2. Stop giving payment extensions.

3. Regularly and frequently review your Debtors Ledger.

Every Monday morning at 09.00 am is the perfect time.

4. Activate your internal debt recovery process immediately upon each invoice becoming due.

Start with a friendly telephone call, escalate to a friendly email and end with a final demand.

5. Impose tight timeframes to reach a resolution.

6. Quickly respond to any reply from a debtor.

Hurry to get your money – as your debtors certainly will not rush to part with it!

Good luck, G-d speed and crank up the cash!

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