Get your Lockdown Loot Now

Australia is painfully, and slowly, exiting from its lockdown winter of discontent. You emerge - bleary eyed - from your twenty-first century cave. What is your first thought? Just as our prehistoric ancestors thought of food, you think of money.

You likely have three types of money –

1. the money that you have (and can deal with as you wish);

2. the money that you should have but do not (being money that you are owed); and

3. the money that you plan on obtaining (through investments, and provision of goods or services)

The economic impact of the lockdowns has likely diminished the money that you have.

So, here are three quick tips to recover your money that you should have but do not-

1. Review you inventory and determine whether a customer is expecting an invoice.

- If they are, send it! (I remain astounded of how many businesses are lax in this regard).

2. If you do not have a Debtors’ Ledger – make one!

3. If you have a Debtors’ Ledger, update and act on it.

- What does ‘act on it’ look like? Realize that no-one cares about your money as much as you - except for the crook who will try to cheat you out of it. See be the priority for being paid.

Here are another three quick tips to acquire your money that you plan on obtaining –

1. Do you have any claim/s, say based on a contract, to extract money from the other party?

- Has the other party in a contract not performed their obligations? If so, the contract or a competent lawyer could convert your claim into your cash.

2. Can you help your current customer/s make more money?

- If so – reach out to them. Remember, you receive more from giving.

3. Do you have any additional skill/s that you can covert into cash?

- Even if you do not, then can you “pivot” to deliver your current skill/s in a different manner?

G-d speed, good luck and don’t be blinded by the light!

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