How can you get paid without asking for it?

You can’t.

Which type of businessperson are you? Are you too busy with actual work to invoice your customers? Or, do you struggle to find customers at all?

Why does it matter? It doesn’t. That's because both types of businesspeople won’t get paid.

If you don’t ask, you won’t get. And if you don’t care about you, no-one else will. This is especially true when trying to collect your money from someone who sees it as their own (which is most people).

Case in point - A creditor (let’s call him John) demanded payment from my client. Unfortunately for John, he delayed invoicing and then pursuing my client. Naively, John thought that – when he finally woke up - his panic for immediate payment would transfer to my client. It did not. What John needed to understand was that my client could take at least as long to pay John, as John had taken to seek payment from my client.

Click this blog so that you will not be like John.

This article was inspired by Ivan Glavas, Liquidator. Mr. Glavas told the author that those people who are too busy during the #CoronaSeason to issue their invoices for work done are the most likely to suffer financial ruin. You listen to your doctor about your health. As the prudent businessperson whom you are, you should similarly listen the experienced liquidator (with whom your author agrees) so that you don’t suffer that financial heart-attack.

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