How reciprocity can make you more money

Last blog discussed you getting more by giving.

How does that happen?

Often your beneficiary will feel a lack. That lack causes their urge to reciprocate. That reciprocity is the key to your success.

But, if you focus on giving, won’t you be exploited? Not if you accurately answer these questions -

1. Who is your beneficiary?

2. What key need of your beneficiary can you satisfy?

3. How difficult is it for your beneficiary to resolve that key need themselves?

4. How easily can you resolve that key need?

5. How does your beneficiary respond to your assistance - from the time of conception through to resolution?

The clearer your answers to those questions, the greater the goldmine of possible benefits that you can extract from your beneficiary.

Our next blog will provide you with some real-life examples of answers to these questions that you can immediately use.

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