How to easily be respected by your enemies

Whether you are embroiled in a multimillion dollar dispute with a global powerhouse, or "just" want to not be exploited by a local trader - your approach should be the same.

What is that approach? To paraphrase Sun Tzu from “The Art of War” – know yourself, and then know your enemy.

This approach will solve your problems every time.

Last week a new client approached me. He had paid a fee for a service to a trader. That trader (let's call him John) then cancelled that service but kept my client's money. My client then spent months, independently and unsuccessfully, trying to get his money back.

Lacking the requisite self-knowledge, my client clearly did not know what to do.

The solution?

I understood how John would react. How? From dealing with an endless stream of charlatans over decades. Hence, as Sun Tzu would say, I knew our enemy.

Accordingly, I drafted a complaint to the local regulatory authority (let's call them the Regulator). Our complaint was tailored to elicit my desired reaction from both the Regulator and John. Then as a courtesy, I emailed a copy of that complaint to John.

The result?

John paid all my client's money - with an apology - before lunchtime.

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