How you can get more by giving

So you've bounced back in 2022!

Now, how can you make even more money?

Learn from the past. Foresee the future. Plan now.

Tip for Today - Get more by giving.

Focus on helping others. As a professional, that should be your focus anyway! For example, that is why your customers pay you.

This is the proper framework for your mindset. When you help another you become a better person. Your beneficiary should then reciprocate. That reciprocity is the key to your success.

One example is disclosure. The world is becoming increasingly consumer-centric. This means that you (as a business person - being any provider of goods or services) must be ever-more transparent when dealing with your customers (potential or actual). The danger is that, if you are not, your customer may be able to have your deal (agreement or otherwise) set aside, with you paying them for their troubles!

How can you avoid this? By providing full and proper disclosure.

I have represented both buyers and sellers over many years in both Courts and Tribunals nationwide. You have nothing to lose, other than liability, by reaching out. Then you can benefit from the pain of others - all with full disclosure!

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