Make more money in 2022 – despite, and in spite of, Omicron

Learn from the past. Foresee the future. Plan now.

Here are some tips to make you more money in 2022 -

1. You receive more by giving.

Focus on helping others. When you someone else , aside from becoming a better person – the beneficiary of your goodwill may reciprocate.

2. Do not be taken advantage of.

Whilst it is wonderful to help others, do not be exploited. After your initial assistance, determine how much more to extend until the other person – if they are able - honours their commitment/s to you.

3. Be open-minded.

What opportunities are available to you? If you do not see any – improve your vision!

For example –

  • Does anyone owe you money? If so, ask for it.

  • Should anyone owe you money? If so, you guessed it … ask for it.

  • Has someone broken a commitment to you? If so, you may be able to make them pay.

Resolve that in 2022 – you know not just where, but how, to look for success.

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