Why this lockdown means that your time is … NOW

Most of Australia is in lockdown.

What does that mean for you, and your business?

As a busy person, you are likely ‘time poor’.

Since ‘time is money’, consider these quick tips to make more money in this lockdown -

1. Dedicate time every day to yourself.

This will improve your mood, and therefore your perception of opportunities.

2. Think of ideas to help your customers make money.

Then share your thoughts with your customers.

3. Revisit those ‘too hard tasks’ that you have relegated to a rainy day.

Today is that day!

4. Take those opportunities that you dismissed because you were ‘too busy’.

For example - buy that investment, chase that debt and pursue that lead.

There are always opportunities. You just need to know how, and where, to look.

Thank you to Ruvi Herzog OAM of www.carcity.com.au for the inspiration for this blog article.

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